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Tachyon/Earth Energy Pendant

The Earth Energy Pendant captures beneficial physical earth vibrations and subtle earth and Tachyon energy and imparts these energies to the wearer. The body harmonizes with the earth frequencies and detunes from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF)

The healing energies of the planet begin to flow through the body and you begin to feel more vibrant and energetic. The beautiful Tackionic stone in the pendant was specifically engineered to capture a far-infrared radiation which is a beneficial wavelength for the cells in our body. This powerful flow of earth energy amplifies the Tachyon energy already present in our atmosphere to act as an "energy drink" for our cells.

For a detailed explanation of how the earth energy pendant works click here.

Feng Shui Wellness & Prosperity Pendants

Our Feng Shui pendants use the principal of Feng Shui to convey a harmonious energy to the wearer. Each is made of stained glass in the shape of an octagon. According to Feng Shui the octagon is the harmonious shape of the Universe. Then each pendant is fired with a 24 karat gold symbol that corresponds to the Feng Shui vibration energy and color. These symbols are thousands of years old and yet transmit popular and traditional Feng Shui energies into the present time.

$39 + shipping

Feng Shui Health & Happiness Pendant

Wear this pendant for health and wellness.
Based upon the ancient Chinese character Kan.

$39 + shipping

Feng Shui Wealth & Growth Pendant

Wear this pendant to receive wealth and personal growth energy.
Based upon the Ancient Chinese symbol Lu

$39 + shipping


Feng Shui Fortune & Career Pendant

Wear this pendant for good fortune and career.
Based upon ancient chinese character Fu.

$69 + shipping

Primal Energy Ring

Used to harness Primal Energy for Core Level Energetic Healing! Place over body to drive out trapped emotions and foreign energies. Harness a concentration of energy fields tangent (90 degrees) to both electric and magnetic fields. Made from rare earth metals and developed by a physicist. Test it yourself by feeling the primal energy by holding it within your palms!

$11.95 + shipping


Anti-Microbial Oxy-Spray

Our anti-microbial spray is such an amazing product! It was originally developed to help protect against hand contaminating microbes. This product is also so non-toxic it can actually be used as a mouthwash, throat spray and even as an underarm deodorant. Great product!

Just a few of it's many uses:

  • Hand disenfectant
  • Breath freshener
  • Sanitizing plates, utensils, and cups
  • Throat spray - use at first sign of a scratchy throat
  • Insect bites
  • Cuts and scratches
  • Cleaning up makeup

    Recommended for home and on the road!

$39 + shipping

FIR (Far Infrared) Wristband
Recommended usage for minor pains, sprains, or arthritis. When worn the heat from the body
warms the FIR inner layer. The FIR layer will emit biologically active 10-12 micron infrared
radiation. This harmless yet beneficial radiation aids in cellular waste elimination, improves
lymph and blood circulation, adds energy and helps reduce bacterial growth.
The arm band is
especially useful for tennis wrists or for people who have arthritis in the wrist.


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FIR (Far Infrared) Vest

This is a high tech clothing that keeps a person warm and comfortable in a cool environment. The key is comfort. The reason for the comfortable feeling is that underneath the outer cotton layer is a reflective layer followed by a far infrared emitter. The vest emits a far infrared heat that gently warms the body without a hot stuffy feeling. Several years of research went into this invention and a patent has been granted.

This invention is also based on earlier studies (especially Japanese studies) that showed the human body to emit and absorb in the far infrared and that far infrared rays have anti-bacterial properties. A sensitive person wearing the vest will feel his/her Qi (Chinese word for life energy) flowing more quickly. Long term wearing will help strengthen a person’s overall health by promotion of the Qi circulation. Minor aches, for example from exercise, are reduced by wearing the vest.



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