What people have to say about the Earth Energy Pendant and other products:

" I was commissioned by the inventor of the Earth Energy Pendant to take promotional photographs of the pendant. During one of our shooting sessions we noticed some bright energy coming from the pendant. We were shooting with film (mid 90's) and thought our film to be defective. Subsequent shots all showed this energy, a total of 5 close-ups all showing a slight variation on this visual energy emanating from the Earth Energy Pendant.. We were all amazed. The inventor, my wife and my daughter were all witnesses to these events."

Dramatization of energy emanations
photographed by Birdie

Birdie Carter ,

"...Thanks so much for developing the Earth Energy Pendant. It is an excellent device for developing core body energies. It's action appears to be shifting polorization, returning interference patterns to clockwise rotation in and around the biofield. In addition, I have noticed profound increases in overall energetic vitality. This measured in accordance with a Spectrum Analysis.

Like so many of your Earth Energy Pendant users, my personal experience has included heightened awareness levels of consciousness.

...Essential for everyone in todays' rapidly evolving world! "

Dr. Scott Morgan, O.M.D.

" The Earth Energy Pendant is the greatest discovery since the light bulb and I can't imagine life without either of them. I've been wearing my pendant for several years now and it has enhanced my quality of life and given me a feeling of peaceful centeredness..."

Valorie Vogel
" I really enjoy wearing the Earth Energy Pendant very much. It looks beautiful and I feel more deeply aligned with myself and the Earth when I wear it... "

Marsha Burack
Reiki Master & Teacher

" I find the Earth Energy Pendant to be very grounding and centering to the body. When used on patients, it produces a very balancing effect often noticed within a few days... "

Dr. William F. Welles, D.C.

"I use the microbial spray whenever I have a sore throat. I have noticed that my cold and flu symptoms have reduced in frequency."



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