How the Tachyon/Earth Energy Pendant Works

The Tachyon/Earth Energy Pendant captures beneficial physical earth vibrations and subtle earth and Tachyon energy and imparts these energies to the wearer. The body harmonizes with the earth frequencies and detunes from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

Similiar to holding a conversation at a dinner party, the brain tunes to the conversation of interest and rejects others.

We evolved for millions of years under earth vibrations. Earth frequencies match biological frequencies.
For example, the brain frequencies of 2 to 21 Hz are also in the range of earth vibrations.

To the right is a picture showing a plot of the actual measurements of the earth's magnetic field lines around a 6" long earth energy rod as measured by a fluxgate magnetometer. Earth flux lines are concentrated near the rod.

This concentration of flux and its vibrations are imparted to the body. Major flux fields are:
(a) static field
(b) 28 day field (lunar month)
(c) 24 and 25 hour fields (solar and lunar days)
(d) 21, 54 and 40 minute fields (earth vibration modes)
(e) 7.83 Hz field (Shumann resonance).

We see that the pendant captures all the earth vibrations through field lines connected to the earth. A magnet, on the other hand, has closed field lines, and can only impart its own energies. This is why a earth energy pendant concentrating the earth flux to 10 Gauss strength can do much more than a magnet with thousands of Gauss.

Our discovery: subtle earth energy follows earth magnetism. On an energetic level, earth energy thereby is a very grounding and protective energy. Incoherent energy from within or without the body tends to be "grounded" to the earth when the pendant is being worn. A subtle energy machine was used to measure the biofield around a person before and after wearing the earth energy pendant. With the beneficial infusion of earth energy from the pendant, the biofield was balanced and any negative counterclockwise rotations were converted to the normal clockwise rotations as seen in the image to the right.

This image demonstrates earth energy rising from the ground and forming a protective field around the wearer. The protective and earth energy field rotates in a clockwise sense.

Tachyon energy is also shown as energy spirals originating in the atmosphere. The Tackkionic stone of the earth energy pendant is engineered to capture a far-infrared radiation which is a beneficial wavelength for the cells in our body. The powerful flow of earth energy amplifies the Tachyon energy to provide a cellular "energy drink".

The Anti-Microbial Story

The creator of the spray was frustrated that his daughters got sick after each visit to their favorite buffet restaurant. He created a solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide (1.5%) mixed with grain alcohol to sanitize the restaurant plates and utensils. Thereafter his daughters appeared to remain well. The addition of vitamin C (antioxidant) and IP6 (disrupts metabolism of microbes) inproved the anti-microbial function. Sensing a good product, the spray was tested as a hand sanitizer, underarm deodorant, throat spray, as well as a surface sanitizer. The finest food grade ingredients are used.

Uses :

● Natural underarm deodorant spray. No aluminum
toxicity! Kills germs that cause odor.
● Hand sanitizer. Spray and rub hands. Helps prevent cold and flues.
● Sanitize plates, utensils, cups, cutting boards. Wait 10 seconds and wipe dry with towel. Great for kitchens
Throat spray. Use on the first sign of a scratchy throat. Internal sanitizer at the same time.
● Sanitize door knots, toilet seats, and surfaces. Great for clinics.
● Sanitize cuts and scratches (use cotton swap ) before putting on band-aid.
● Q-tip uses: clean itchy skin (works wonders), canker sores, or to clean up makeup. Sanitize & deodorize feet.
● Recommended for families, health workers, travelers, chefs, and soldiers!

Laboratory Testing: The spray solution was tested by Environmental Engineering Laboratory of San Diego, CA. Nearly all germs tested were killed within 1 second of contact.


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